No Teacher Left Behind

This video is well worth the watch for today's teachers. I am wondering how many teachers are being left behind? Is all this really where we want to be? I am finding the more I learn the more I don't know. At times I feel so overwhelmed.

What I Am Doing Now

This post may seem more like a list than just a bunch of ranting. To begin with I gave up my role as the Association Rep for my school. I miss all the JEA meetings and keeping up with political education issues for Utah. I gave this up so I would have more time for National Boards. To my surprise that extra time was easily filled with other roles. Not only am I doing National Boards, in December I finished the math endorsement program. Next endorsement I need to complete is the Gifted/Talented program. In the fall I plan to take the last class for this program.
I mentor two teachers on my team that are the greatest. In my opinion they don't need a mentor and they have become my mentors. I work with the greatest team members a teacher could ask for!
I am continuing my role of technology trainer at the school. This is my favorite but most challenging role. Teachers make for the worst students and many are not willing to use the computer except when absolutely necessary. This is going to be a problem next year when the district completely adopts the Skyward program.
This school year I am also completing my Master's of Education. Right now I am taking an Educational Law class. I love this class but this could be that the instructor makes the content so interesting. I just wish there wasn't so much writing involved. Even though I will get my "hood" in May, I will have two more class to take in July. There goes my summer vacation!
The last thing that is filling my time is finding costumes and set dressings for the set of "Annie." I am so excited to be part of the school production this year!!!
Well I guess I should get back to writing National Board entries and doing grades for Parent/Teacher conferences. Both of these items are due in March and here it is the second week of February!